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My smiling face, with the Mont-Blanc valley in the background

# Hello

I'm Yoav!

I've been working on mobile web performance for over 2 decades now, which means that a) I'm old and b) I really wish we'd have solved it by now.

These days I'm working as part of Chrome's Speed Metrics team on the Core Web Vitals program. Other than that, I also co-chair the Web Performance Working Group and the Web Incubator Community Group at the W3C, and I act as a Blink API owner in the Chromium project.

If you're interested in words to copy/paste about me to your conference website, here's a few words below.

# Bio

Yoav Weiss has been working on mobile web performance for longer than he cares to admit, on the server side as well as in browsers. He now works as part of Google Chrome Speed Metrics team, helping to fix web performance once and for all.

He takes image bloat on the web as a personal insult, which is why he joined the Responsive Images Community Group and implemented the various responsive images features in Blink and WebKit. That was his gateway drug into the wonderfully complex world of browsers and standards.

When he’s not writing code, he’s probably wandering the Alps, mowing the lawn, or playing board games with his family.

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