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First post ever

So, I've decided to try this blogging thing all the cool kids been talking about.
The last straw was PPK's reason for shutting down comments on his blog: "The opinions and musings of the average blog commenter are just not very interesting. If they were, they’d have a blog of their own."
I have interesting opinions and musings. I do! Therefore, I must have a blog.
So I built this thing. Or more accurately, I took bloggart , copied its theme, broke it and re-built it to be more flexible (I have little love for CSS grids)
What can I tell about myself?
I'm a developer dealing with web performance for the last 11 years. I live in the country side in southern France with my wife and 3 kids. I'm a big fan of the open web and free software, but up until now, I never had enough time to participate beyond bug reports. I'm hoping that would change when the kids grow up a little (and the right project/itch comes along)
This blog will be used mainly to voice out technical opinions. So don't expect vacation notes and/or general bitchin' regarding the hardship of raising kids...
Anyway, That's all for now

P.S. This is just the initial version. I didn't yet tested everything on every browser, so there are some rough edges. Besides, I have no clue what I'm doing here. ... Please be gentle :)


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