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One of the biggest advantages of working on the web has always been the people. Ever since I started contributing to the web platform, back in 2013, working with browser engineers was always a great experience. An amazing collection of super smart, thoughtful and kind folks.

That’s what kept me invested in the Chromium project throughout the years since then as an external contributor. First when I was working for myself, as a nighttime hobby, then as part of the Responsive Images Community Group, and finally working on browsers and standards as part of my job at Akamai.

Therefore, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’m joining Google as part of Chrome’s Developer Relations team, to work on browsers and standards as my full time job! I’ll be focusing on Web performance and the web ecosystem, so making the web faster would be my literal job description!! \o/

My new role will enable me to focus 100% of my time on standards, as well as make sure that all parts of the ecosystem are part of the solution rather than part of the problem. So while my main focus will be standards and browser features, I’ll happily help fight slowness wherever it makes most sense to do so, be it frameworks, CMS, build systems, CDNs, or elsewhere.

I’m extremely thankful to Akamai for enabling me to work on standards during my wonderful (almost) 4 years there. I had the privilege of working there with extremely talented people, and feel that together we harnessed the power of standards and browser work to make our users’ lives better. I’m grateful for that, confident that I’m leaving that work in great hands, and looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the Akamai team as part of my new role at Google.

Today is my last day at Akamai. Next week, I’ll be traveling to SmashingConf. After that, I will take a couple of weeks off to unwind, before starting at Google on October 1st, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t wait!! I’m super excited about working side-by-side with this new-yet-familiar team, in order to solve this web performance thing once and for all!!

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