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Putting IE to sleep

I had a twitter discussion today with Robert Nyman regarding how we should treat old IEs (6,7 and 8) when we develop. The trigger was his tweet regarding his post from 2 years back that we should stop developing for IE6. Since twitter is fairly limited for this kind of things, here's my real, chatty opinion on this subject.

Stats below are taken from statcounter and regard EU and North America. Other markets' mileage may vary :)

So, what's the problem?

While we certainly can simply ignore IE6 in most of the world (around 2% market share), IE7 still has 7%-11% in the western world. But then again, this is where IE6 was 2 years ago when Robert wrote his post. In any case IE7 can be ignored or simply nudged to upgrade, since it is by all means an obsolete browser.

The real trouble start with IE8. While IE8 is much better then its older brothers, it is still a piece of crap in comparison to today's browsers and it does not support any of the new APIs we need to make the web awesome. It has a market share of 26-34% in the western world and since IE9 is not for XP, it is not going away anytime before the end of 2014 when XP is *finally* decommissioned. It will probably last a little while longer after that as well.

What can we do about it?

There are a few approaches that web developers can use in order to drive people away from the old IEs into the modern web: