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Unblocking blocking stylesheets


Spoiler: If you have inline scripts that must be inside your page, adding an empty <div> before all stylesheet links will avoid a CSS bottleneck!!!

Do we really need Async CSS?

I've stumbled upon a post by Guy Podjarny called Eliminating the CSS bottleneck which talks about using async stylesheets in order to avoid external stylesheets from blocking the download of other resources. What bothered me about the entire post is that according to BrowserScope this issue is non existent in all modern browsers. All modern browsers tested there are not blocking parallel downloads of stylesheets and other resources. Even when an inline script is present between the external stylesheet and other resources, most browsers (IE8 is the only exception) will continue to download the resources.

I've commented on that post, saying that the only point I see for async stylesheet is to avoid Front-end SPOF. Guy responded that a stylesheet followed by an inlined script will still block resources in modern browsers, and provided a sample page that proved his point. I rechecked the BrowserScope tests and was baffled. Now I have two tests that are supposed to test the same thing, but show different results...

Not really

So I did what every reasonable developer would do and started cutting off parts and changing both tests till they were almost identical. The "almost" part was a <p> tag that was written in the BrowserScope test *before* the stylesheet link tag. Once I added a similiar <p> tag to the blocking example, it stopped blocking!!! And an empty <div> had the same effect.


If anyone has a reasonable explanation as to why a div before the stylesheet links releases them from blocking, please share in the comments.

Update:Guy updated his blog post with an explanation. It seems this trick causes Chrome & Firefox to start the body earlier, and they simply don't block for body stylesheets.

Update 2:Fixed broken links.


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